55 Fitness

55 Fitness features more than 25 high-end Life Fitness personal training devices. One of the most innovative is the Synrgy360s, which accommodates up to eight people simultaneously, with three unique, customizable exercise spaces, including cable motion training, reaction training & boxing with auxiliary attachment points.  In addition, many of the new treadmills and bikes include state-of-the-art Tablet Consoles. These 16-19" tablets incorporate Integrated Surface Capacitive LCD Touch Screens, complete with Swipe™ Technology that allows users to seamlessly navigate between screens with the swipe of a finger.

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These high-definition screens display vibrant video, images and graphics compatible with iPod, iPhone, iPad and Android Smartphone connectors. This allows a video or music playlist to be managed and/or viewed directly on the screen while working out. The Tablet Consoles are also Internet ready and include Lifescape Interactive Courses that provide immersive outdoor adventures that change the terrain to keep in pace with the resistance level of the work out. "On Demand" content, music, videos and TV Shows are available for purchase. The Life Fitness Reader the capability for ePub books and documents to be read on screen. Tablet Consoles are compatible with Bluetooth Devices.

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