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San Francisco Pride

Celebrate Pride 2015

San Francisco has a rich, colorful, vibrant history of inclusion, social justice, love and kindness. It is in this spirit that we are proud to join in celebrating the nation’s largest LGBT Pride gathering for its 45th anniversary.


In 1969 the Stone Wall riots broke out in New York city, as members of the community stood up against discrimination of LGBT citizens. A year later, to mark the anniversary of the Stonewall riots, the first Pride parades took place across the country. In LA, New York, Chicago and San Francisco, crowds came together in solidarity to stand up for LGBT rights. Forty five years later, San Francisco continues to stand for equality, and push the boundaries of social constraints cast upon the LGBT community.


This year’s Pride will be June 27th -28th, and the theme is Equality without Exception. The festivities will begin on Saturday. The first major commencement ceremony, the installation of the Pink Triangle, will begin at 10:30 a.m. at the top of the city’s iconic Twin Peaks. Once used as a derogatory symbol to try to shame the LGBT community, it is now embraced and serves as a reminder to all that there is no room for blind hatred towards a particular group of people in the modern era. The festivities continue throughout the day on Saturday and culminate with the parade on Sunday at 10:30 a.m.


If you are town, and are looking for some places to go, we recommend checking out establishments in the Castro such as: Moby Dick, the Lookout, the Edge, Elephant Walk and the Eagle.


There is much to do and see in our wonderful city. So come, Parc judgement at the door, and stay with us as we welcome you with warm, open hearts.